10 January, 2013
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Marianne Haslev Skånland:

Good news in India for the children in the Bhattacharya case

Very good news indeed from India today:

The two children of Sagarika Chakraborty, the young mother in the Stavanger/India CPS case, are home with their mother today.
The High Court ordered that the children should be with their mother.

The newspaper articles are very variable in content as regards the real facts, though.

Finally I got justice, says mother of children in Norway custody row
NDTV, January 10, 2013

Calcutta HC gives custody of children to mother
The Indian Express, January 11, 2013

Norway kids to remain with mother, says court
The New Indian Express, January 10, 2013

Norway kids to remain with their mother for the time being: Calcutta High Court
The Times of India, January 10, 2013

Court allows mother to take custody of Bhattacharya kids
Deccan Herald, January 10, 2013

The newspaper
The Hindu has a number of articles about the recent developments, but quite slanted, as they have been ever since their correspondent Naravane in Paris swallowed the favourite CPS 'diagnosis' of 'attachment disorder' hook, line and sinker from Stavanger CPS. The 'diagnosis' turns up again this time too. It always does when she is the writer. (Cf what Suranya Aiyar can report about the way this 'diagnosis' is used: Understanding and Responding to Child Confiscation by Social Service Agencies.)

Custody of Bhattacharya kids given to mother, for now
The Hindu, January 11, 2013

Verdict on Bhattacharya children custody on Thursday
The Hindu, January 9, 2013

Mother gets custody of children, but High Court order returns them to uncle
The Hindu, January 9, 2013

The children's father, Anurup Bhattacharya, in March 2012 went back on everything he had earlier said about the family having been badly treated by Norwegian child protection authorities, he completely let his wife down and joined Norwegian CPS in trying to throw her to the wolves, and has kept it up ever since, even increasing his accusations against her. At first, he then joined the CPS in claiming that Sagarika was a mental case of some sort, e.g here:

Norway child Row: Sagarika mentally retarded says Anuroop
Baruns, March 21, 2012

Then, last autumn (who knows why, but Sagarika had then been realistically assessed in India and been found to be competely normal), the complaints against her have gone in the direction of accusing her of having abused the children physically and being the cause of the son's behaviour of repeatedly banging his head on the floor (one of the reasons why the parents originally asked for a proper examination of him in Norway - but of course the CPS did not have him examined but immediately psychobabbled the case into everything being the parents' fault).

The father now says he cannot return to India because of a complaint against him regarding dowry.

Order on children waits as Bhattacharyas trade charges
The Hindu, November 10, 2012

Who has actually taken care of the children when their uncle was nominally to do so? A claim is that they have been cared for by a nanny (quite usual in India, I am sure), 16 years old, and that there has been no further medical attention, which it may be possible that they need (Norwegian CPS should of course have cooperated with the parents to see to it):

Norway nightmare continues in Bengal
NDTV, December 04, 2012


Let us hope that the children's return to their mother will now be a permanent situation, without new rounds of psychobabble-based accusations.

Let us also hope that the Indian court concerned comes up with a clear and reasoned rejection of the way Sagarika has been branded in Norway, and that the court verdict will be published

Likewise, let us hope that forces of harm – such as the apparently very long arm of Stavanger CPS, wanting to master-mind everybody's lives even long-distance – now stop their absurd, groundless attacks on Sagarika. The children need their mother, she loves her children and has never given them up, and she has managed to stay normal through all the vicious torture she has been subjected to.

So much for the Norwegian psychobabble and all the fraud and cruelty of Stavanger Child Protection Service in this case. But of course, here they go again:

We had the best interests of the children in mind: Norwegian officials
The Hindu, 9 January, 2013

Not surprisingly, Knut Haanes, an official at the Children's Ombudsman's office, says in this latter article what amounts to declaring that no children, be they ever so much citizens of other countries, will be let out of Norway when Norwegian CPS has them in their clutches:
".. we must be prepared to take steps to protect children in Norway [since] once the children are out of Norway there is nothing we can do.”

India, as well as other nations, such as e.g Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Bhutan, Russia, whose official representatives were present at the launch of the Petition to the Indian National Human Rights Commission: Humanitarian Crisis for Indian children and their families in confiscatory child care proceedings abroad (12 October, 2012), should take note. Haanes is quite a power, well-known to many Norwegians who are trying to prevent Norwegian child 'protection' from destroying their children.


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January 27/30 2012, February 1 2012


12 January, 2013:
It is very good to see that the return of the children to Sagarika
has right away received wide publicity in India. Below are just
a few examples:

Updates / Further developments

Sagarika gets kids' custody, for now
Times of India, January 11, 2013

Calcutta HC gives interim custody of Norway NRI kids to their mother Sagarika
IBN Live, January 10, 2013

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Norway kids back in mom's custody
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Court allows mother to take custody of Bhattacharya kids
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Outlook India, January 10, 2013

Judge hears Norway kids case in his chamber
Times of India, January 10, 2013

Norway kids back in mom's custody
sify news, January 11, 2013

Norway kids back in mom's custody - HC allows mother to take back children who were put in uncle's care
The Telegraph, Calcutta, January 11, 2013