Oslo 11 June 2014

Marianne Haslev Skånland:

Terrible case of CPS 'care' in Britain leading to the death of a handicapped child in foster 'care'

When people suggest to me that child protection in Norway must be unique in its vile actions and consequences to children and their parents, I often answer: "No, it's terrible all over the Western world and Sweden is probably the worst." These last few years, though, I have also come to see the situation in Britain as very grave. Especially serious is the way families in Britain devastated by the CPS are not even allowed freedom of speech. If they talk openly about the way the authorities treat their children and themselves, prosecution and jail threaten. One glaring case is that of P, C and S against the United Kingdom at the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) in Strasbourg in 2002. The mother, P, had been abandoned by her lawyers (I can only speculate on who had interfered with them and why they had given in), the daughter S had been forcibly removed on a charge of P suffering from the infamous, totally non-existent 'Münchausen syndrome by proxy' and then forcibly adopted away. P, C and S won against Britain in Strasbourg, but no matter: the authorities back in Britain didn't care. Just like our Norwegian authorities 'deal' with condemnations of their actions at the ECHR, actually (cf Human Rights in Norway - as Low as they can Go). (Adele Johansen, too, who won against Norway in 1996, had been threatened in court in Norway that if she continued trying to make her case public, the judge would see to it that she was given 3 years in jail (The Child Protection Service (CPS) – unfortunately the cause of grievous harm. Part 2)).

There are statistics showing elevated frequency in Norway of illness and early death of children in foster care and after foster care. And sure enough, it seems the same in Britain: foster children are not well looked after, their illnesses and needs are ignored, their parents are shrugged at or most often downright ignored and their cries for help for their children 'in care' are contempteously rebuffed. Here is an outrageous case reported by Christopher Booker of The Telegraph:

Child protection services: A mother’s diary records the awful death of a child 'in care'
by Christopher Booker
The Telegraph, 18 January 2014


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