10 February 2017 (31 December 2016)

Seshadri Chari & Suranya Aiyar:
Norway’s child snatching laws must exempt Indians
Sunday Guardian Live
New Delhi
31 December 2016

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Seshadri Chari is a writer, commentator and former editor of Organiser. Suranya Aiyar is a lawyer and mother who advises and supports pro bono families facing confiscation of their children abroad by child protection authorities.
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From the article:

The Norwegian Child Welfare Services, Barnevernet, literally meaning “child protection”, is anything but that.
Strangely, the Norwegian Ministry for Children and Equality washes of its hands saying it has no jurisdiction over individual cases.
The problem is systemic and affects not just immigrants in Norway.
Tragically, appeals against all such draconian orders affecting the child and crippling the parents have no usual checks and balances against the misuse of coercive State powers. The proceedings are insulated by confidentiality laws. 
Norwegians make this out to be a case of cultural difference, saying that in Norway violence against the child is not permitted. But in which culture is child abuse “permitted”? But is such devilish act of forcibly snatching a toddler from his or her loving parents on mere suspicion and anonymous complaints “culturally” justified? 
No amount of citing “cultural differences” and “local rules” can replace fundamental rights to family and fear free life. Moreover, no state, not even the most oppressive despotic rulers can be pardoned for ruining the life and future of a whole generation by adopting draconian child stealing arrangement.
There can be no two opinions on the need to prevent child abuse, improve parental counselling and sensitise the society on these issues, besides instituting stringent laws for wilful violators. But the lesson for India should be that aping Western laws, institutions and cruel state intervention will do very little in correction and much more damage to children by breaking the traditional family bonding and ties, so integral and unique to our life style for ages. 

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