25 November 2017

County boards with quality at an all-time low

By familien-er-samlet (the-family-is-together)

A law-professor has identified problems that quite a few with basic schooling and common sense have already understood:

Barnefamilier flyttes på sentre for foreldre og barn mot deres vilje
(Families with children are moved to centres for parents and children against their will)
Aftenposten, 23 November 2017

The law-professor thinks it is disturbing that families - involuntarily - are filmed and observed the way they are in these centres. One out of three of these cases result in moving of the child out of the home.

I have a flashback memory from somewhere, of Jewish musicians in a ghetto playing cheerful songs for the German Nazis standing alongside. Behind the brave musician-smiles a badly hidden fear. They play the clarinet and fiddle intensely while being observed. Will it be their turn today?

Parents on their part frenetically try to dance to please the CPS – "Barnevernet". Will their children be taken today?

The Norwegian CPS leadership (Bufdir) find such comparisons highly inappropriate, but I cannot help getting such associations, Mari Trommald!

Strictly speaking the same is actually happening when an overpaid psychologist or psychiatrist sits in your sofa with paper and pen in hand. The observation room is then your own living room. It is five to twelve and the prognosis for the family is getting bad.

The article has a pay-wall. But what is openly readable suggests that the law-professor believes that observation without consent is something new. It is indeed not. The so-called voluntary observation is really a situation where parents have no choice because the children are used to facilitate "volunteering". This is deeply immoral, but all administrative levels from municipality to Minister know - and accept - that the parents are put under pressure while their children are used as means to make them "cooperate".

If you don't....then....

The children are hostages in this game, and the parents are very aware of it. Children taken away is not death, but it will still be the end of life.

The county boards do not understand ethics, they do not understand to protect people's dignity, and they do not understand law or human rights. And why should they? They
resemble courts. But they are not courts. The county board is the executive power - the governmental management - imitating a tribunal and taking your children. But they do not qualify as a true judicial power. That is probably why they openly force families to be surveilled like animals in laboratories.

This is humanitarian quality at an all-time low, but an established practice through the voluntary coercion that has been going on for years. The blindness when it comes to the Norwegian CPS is limitless. Decency and common rules generally applied to other parts of society, are simply thrown overboard.