19 September 2018

KKN accused by Brøyn's lawyer for publishing his name

By Jan-Aage Torp

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'KKN' is short for 'Kristen Koalisjon Norge' (Christian Coalition Norway), where
the Norwegian version of this article was published on 26 August 2018.
    This English version was originally published
on Christian Coalition World on 8 September 2018.

    The attempts to cut down on freedom of speech in Norway have been many. The article is re-published here with the consent of the author, as a small attempt to join in counteracting the increasing tendencies to impose censorship which we experience from establishment circles and authorities.
    Kindly also click into the original, which has a photographic copy of the first page of the judgment from the court, saying at the bottom of the page: "No limitations on the permission for re-publishing / public rendering".
Marianne Haslev Skånland
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A couple of weeks ago, KKN received emails from the new Legal Counsel, Mr Svein Holden, of Dr Jo Erik Brøyn who earlier this year was sentenced in Oslo City Court for the possession of child pornographic material. Dr Brøyn practised as Child Psychiatrist for 20 years and was for several years one of 14 professional members of Norway´s «Child Expert Commission», appointed by the Minister of Children and Equality (until January 2018: Ms Solveig Horne of the Progress Party), and managed by the Govenmental Civil Rights Administration. This commission is mandated to give necessary checks and balances of every professional assessment by psychologists in cases for Barnevernet.

It is quite extraordinary that KKN - spefically I - am threathened in this way by Mr Holden who informs me that not even two leading newspapers, Aftenposten og Dagbladet, have identified Dr Brøyn. So KKN must not do it either!!

The problem is that it is Oslo City Court which has published Jo Erik Brøyn’s name. The verdict (see photo) states explicitly that the judgement is publicly available, probably for preventive reasons.

It is interesting that Aftenposten and Dagbladet write page upon page when a person is in opposition to the «elites», but when Dr Brøyn - who is being defended by Barnevernet, the Children's Minister, and the Govenmental Civil Rights Administration - has been sentenced for child pornography, then it is secret! 

He was sentenced for having downloaded 200.000 child pornographic pictures on his computers since 1997. (Specifically 205.536 data files, of which 193.491 are photos and 12.045 videos with a total playtime of 4.064 hours  Additionaly there are 94 sheets of photos.) He admitted to using the photos for his personal pleasure.

Thank you to BBC for having exposed and confronted this!

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