26 July 2021

When the CPS separates siblings as well,
they make you lose part of yourself

By Tonje Omdahl

• • •
This is one of three articles highlighting the way harmful actions by the CPS affect siblings.
   A Norwegian version of the present article was published in December 2020, both
on facebook and on MHS's home page.
   This English version is published here with the author's kind consent.
   Translation: Marianne Haslev Skånland
• • •

How can the courts and the CPS Barnevernet have the authority to decide whether sisters and brothers in child protection cases are to be separated or not?

It is devastating when siblings are torn from each other and placed in separate foster homes. The reason is not that the CPS lacks foster homes or resources. Rather, I believe, it has to do with what and how the CPS employees choose their priorities.

I have myself been a victim of the results. It felt like the worst of betrayals! The CPS took us in what they claimed was an emergency, and my brothers and I were torn apart; separate emergency foster homes picked us up as if we were on display – take your choice! The worst of all was when we were driven away to separate places. As if we had not been hurt enough already.

I love my twin brother and our older brother. Why should the CPS punish us even more by separating us?

First, with lightening speed you are taken from mother and father and then you are forced from your siblings and have to learn to take care of yourself. In some cases, children who have not had it so good at home are torn from their siblings just when they need the security siblings give you. In other cases the CPS takes children from well functioning families and separates siblings. Regardless of the reason for being moved, siblings should have the possibility of growing up together, they should live under the same roof!


You should know your own brother and sister. That ought to be the first consideration when the authorities decide about children.

I know of many who have been torn away from their brothers and sisters and it is so incredibly sad to see, because to prevent that ought to be the first priority. The authorities ought to take action and change this!

Is it allowed to split siblings up like that, without good reason – I would think not. If the situation is that it is not possible for siblings to grow up together because of very special circumstances, then care should be taken that the contact is still maintained and siblings should be able to meet whenever they want to.


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